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Who am I?


It's a really good question. To know who I'm you need to know where I come from. Under the "about me" button you can read about my background.

If you're just looking for some fast facts, you'll get them here. I am a guy of 27 years from Horsens. I now live in a small village called Halvrimmen. I'm single. I work at the Telenor's main office in Aalborg as SOC Technical in our Service Operation Center. My daliy work consists of netwrok survaliance and 1st level trobbleshooting in our mobile network. In short we are there to insure a stable, reliable and a strong network.

How to connect with me


I would like to hear from you. Please contact me - See under contact me where to find me and how to connect with me. If you had any ideas or comment please let me know



I use the most of my time online in the MMORPG Eve online. I'm the owner of 4 accounts and you will find me in game under Miranda Ongrard, Eagles Beak, Phylonoe Leda and Kate Harvey. I am the founder, but no longer the CEO, of a corporation for Dansih players called Academy of Anarchism. See you in-game

Where can you find me?


If you just can not get enough of me, then you might like to see the "Contact Me". Here you can see where else to find me. I have a profile on many different pages, so it wonder me, if I did not even have a place you have a profile.